為了安裝PHP版本5.6,首先,打開Ubuntu終端並輸入以下命令,以將Ondrej PHP存儲庫添加到Ubuntu。

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網路上找的文章 , 先透過 docker 安裝一個linux 

再透過  docker的 terminal 功能 login 到本機




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fdisk -l 

          Magic : a92b4efc
        Version : 1.2
    Feature Map : 0x0

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synology的NAS提供了很方便的穿牆服務(Quick connect)

但是只能有 web.  如果要用到ssh 的話該怎麼辦呢?



1. install docker
2. start docker, go to 'image', select 'add' -> 'add from url'. in repository name put 'debian'. When asked for variant - pick pretty much any you want. I chose testing-slim
3. once (2) completes, click on the image and select 'launch'. not sure how relevant this is, but i gave my container administrative privileges.
4. go to 'container' tab. find newly created container. click 'details'. last tab is your terminal
5. execute: 'sudo apt-get update' followed by 'sudo apt-get install ssh tmux'
6. (optional) add your private ssh key by executing: "ssh-add - <<EOF", pasting your key and typing "EOF"
7. use SSH remote port forwarding while you ssh back to your machine, eg: ssh -R 1080:<router-ip>:80 username@machine-you-log-in-from
8. on machine you log in from (your actual computer you're sitting by) open web browser and navigate to port 1080.

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